Books by Chet Bishop

Lutherie books

This will include short booklets, as well as longer works, all available for purchase online:


This will probably become a list of articles or short books on resurrecting old fiddles. Only one for now, but more will come. These will appear on Kindle for their minimum price

The Bread Bag Fiddle is a short work (3,800 words, 30 photos) chronicling the transformation of a “junk-store special”…a sadly neglected and abused violin, into the daily player of a gigging fiddler.

Resurrection of Another Dead Fiddle” is even a little shorter, but it includes details of internal structural repairs, as well as replacement of missing rib wood and s full neck-set. The customer had sadly set this one aside and bught a cheap violin on which to practice, but after the repairs, this violin returned to being her daily player. Happy Customer!


This will include longer books, full builds or major overhauls. Both “Show-and-tell” books and tutorials will appear here, as they become available. I am still learning how to self-publish, so keep checking back. Some of the books are already complete: otheres are in the works.

Bible Commentaries:

These will be serious commentaries on various books of the Bible, using the King James Version, for reference. They will unfailingly treat the Bible as the Word of God. Some may turn up their nose at this, but That is how I see it. The overall series is entitled “A Layman’s Look” I do not claim any high credentials or degrees. I have nearly fifty years active study of the Bible, as well as about four years of formal schooling in the Bible and ministry. I have been teaching Bible content and application for 45 years, and writing my noted over the years. I am finally compiling the notes into comprehensive expository commentaries, with the hope that they will be helpful to the readers.

The first one I have completed is “A Layman’s Look at the Epistle to the Galatian Churches.” It is a 56,000+ word verse-by-verse and idea-by-idea treatment of Paul’s letter to the churches in the province of Galatia. The primary problen they were facing was a group of false teachers who were subverting the faith of the new believers, telling them that they had to subject themselves to the Jewish law and traditions to be saved. This concept still arises today, and the Book of Galatians is still as pertinent today as it ever was.

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