Workshop Math

Planned online course, coming soon!

This will be a detailed, extensive course on Workshop Math, specifically as applied in a Steel fabrication shop, but applicable in most other trades as well (not including electrical, beyond a few very basic formulas.)

It will be accompanied by a book, either downloaded as part of the course or ordered in printed form, or both.

The course will cover:

  1. Shop Math, at every level,
    • Formulas and how to use them
  2. Layout skills,
  3. The ability to accurately bid the welding portion of a job, as well as
  4. Calculating the weight of objects, using a tape measure and calculator.
  5. Calculating, in advance, the weight of all the welds called out on a drawing.
  6. Calculating the cost of all those welds
  7. Calculating the amount of heat going into a weld, using a given weld process at the specific amps, volts, and rate of travel.
  8. Improving the efficiency of the production process
  9. Trouble-shooting for various weld processes

The class will also include the “tricks of the trade” issues regarding the common tools in layout and fitting, to enhance the final quality of the work

Prerequisites: Basic math, up to and including decimals and fractions.

It you think you might be interested in such a course, please contact me via the contact page.

I hope to have the course prepared this season.

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