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Welcome to The Layman’s Institute!

NOTE: All the courses listed below are “Coming Soon!” None are in existence, yet, as I write this: (today is September 23, 2020.) All are in the works, however.

If you are particularly interested in one or more of my planned offerings, please send me an email outlining your interest, and I will notify you as it becomes available, or as short, free posts become available on YouTube.

The goal on this website is to provide training videos, articles, photographs, etc. to help you advance in whatever discipline you are pursuing. Obviously, I cannot hope to be “all things to all learners,” but I want to begin with some tips regarding workshop math,  basic steel metallurgy, how to accurately bid a welding job, an introduction to violin making, and some other practical topics: Possibly an article on fruit-tree grafting, this winter and next spring, depending on several things. Possibly some boat-building blogs later on.

I will be starting pretty slowly, but I hope to build up to having a site that offers real teaching about real subjects.

I will look forward to connecting with you.

Chet Bishop

Planned Curricula

Workshop Math

Do you know how to use a framing square to draw a perfect circle? Can you calculate the total weight of the welds called out on a blueprint?
Do you know how to determine the proper angles to cut the edges of each strake in a round-top wooden chest?
Perhaps this course can help you!

Violin-family Lutherie

Can you set a soundpost? Fit a bridge?
Can you resurrect an old fiddle that has been in an attic for fifty years?
Can you build a violin (or a viola, a cello, or a double bass) from scratch?

Can you adjust an instrument so that all the strings play well and evenly?
Perhaps this course will help you!

Bible and Theology

  • Do you know what the Bible actually teaches about various subjects?
  • Can you point to the passages where it actually says what you have been “told” it says?
  • Do you know how to sort out the prophetic order given in Scripture?

These will be free articles, and, in some cases, downloadable books. If a hardcopy bound book is available, it will not be free as a rule, but I will make sure it is affordable. Perhaps you will find these to be useful and helpful. There will be no obligation incurred by accessing these files.

Other Interests

  • Fruit-Tree Grafting
  • Boat-building
  • Woodworking projects
  • Bentwood boxes
  • Etc.
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