Another New Violin-Repair Booklet to Offer

Resurrection of another “Dead” Fiddle is now “Live!”

I have written numerous articles over the years: some have been posted on my various websites, including a couple of books in .pdf format. Now I am beginning to use the Amazon Kindle Publishing software, hoping to enter the market as an author.

I initially felt pretty intimidated by the huge array of choices in the Kindle Publishing software. However, I found it to be fairly user-friendly, once I got over the “fear of the unknown.” (After this one, I also published a fairly detailed commentary on the Book of Galatians, but that one is not a “fiddle” book. )

Resurrection of another “Dead” Fiddle: (Repairing a newer, but badly broken violin.) (Resurrecting "dead" instruments) by [Chet  Bishop]

Second attempt:

I had published one earlier such booklet. This booklet will be a little shorter, but it includes more internal repair of structural issues: perhaps you will find it even more interesting.

I described the replacement of a broken neck-block as well as a full neck-set and replacement of mising rib wood, and the necessary varnish retouching.

In this second book, you will find a photo essay on the resurrection of a “dead” violin. The violin arrived rather badly broken: I don’t know how the break occurred: I think the faulty repairs may simply have failed.

Most luthiers would have refused the project, saying the repairs would cost more than the violin was worth. But, I happen to enjoy this kind of project. (Besides, I charge a bit less than others. I work out of my home: that diminishes my overhead significantly. I can pass those savings on to my customers.)


When I opened it, I discovered a serious flaw in the original build, as well as some really bad repair work, all of which was made right before the violin returned home.

The customer was delighted with the results: She had considered this one to be her favorite, but it had been badly broken. She had finally bought a cheap instrument in order to keep playing. After the “resurrection” of the “dead” fiddle, she returned the repaired violin to its old position as her daily player.

Here’s the link, if you are interested in looking:

Thanks for looking!

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